Locating the Luxexcel catalog in OpticStudio

Posted by Luxexcel on Oct 5, 2016 12:00:00 AM
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As you may know our material has been added to OpticStudio. In this article we show you how to locate the Luxexcel catalog. 

To view the Luxexcel catalog in OpticStudio, go to the Libraries tab > Materials Catalog, and select “LUXEXCEL.AGF” in the Catalog drop-down menu:



There is only one material defined in this catalog, called “LUX-OPTICLEAR” as shown below:


This Materials Catalog window includes a lot of information about the LUX-Opticlear material, including the dispersion formula coefficients, and the min/max wavelengths over which the formula is valid. 

If you want to use this material in your optical system, then you first need to add this catalog to the list of actively used catalogs for this particular file.  To do this, go to the System Explorer (by default this is on the left-hand side of the screen), and expand the Material Catalogs section.  Select the LUXEXCEL catalog in the “Catalogs Available” section, and click the arrow button next to the selection box:


This will move the LUXEXCEL catalog to the “Catalogs To Use” section:


Then, to use the materials within that catalog, all you need to do is type the material name into the appropriate cell of the Editor:


Once you’ve typed the exact name of the materials, press the Enter key, or click in another cell.  If you’ve done it correctly, the row will change color (indicating a non-air material) and the material name will change to all caps, without any error messages:


OpticStudio also have some analyses to show more information about the material. These can be found in the Libraries tab > Material Analyses.  Here is an example of a Dispersion Diagram, showing the index vs wavelength of LUX-OPTICLEAR and N-BK7:


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