Unique industrial design project TU Delft opens up new markets for 3D printing

Posted by Luxexcel on Jul 6, 2015 2:07:00 PM
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In collaboration with students of Delft University of Technology, possible applications of transparent 3D printing, were further explored. Bachelor students created a unique concept for transparent 3D printing by Luxexcel. As a bachelor project the assignment was to create the concept car for transparent 3D printing. Industrial Design students of Delft University of Technology created project prototypes by making use of Printoptical Technology.

The created projects are all applicable in different markets. From medical applications to lighting applications, different showcase projects were created. We will highlight the Delft University of Technology Industrial Design showcases on our website, in the following weeks. The created showcases have all the potential to disrupt different markets and introduce 3D printing to that market. This will shed another light on transparent 3D printing of optical parts and its applications.

Besides the unique projects we created a competition were students can win an award with their unique project. The Luxexcel Innovative Application Award selects the top 3 projects that are created by Delft University of Technology students. You are able to vote for the project that is to your opinion the most innovative, disruptive and applicable in a market.
At this page you can vote for your favourite project, we will raffle a sample demonstration kit.
The applications can be found at the Luxexcel Innovative Application Award page, here you can vote here to select the winner.

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