Can you really 3D print a lens?

Posted by Luxexcel on Mar 7, 2019 11:31:03 AM
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Yes, lenses can be 3D printed! What you need is a high end Luxexcel printer with optical quality print materials and special lens design software. The technology has been developed by Luxexcel and is currently used on a number of printer installations in Europe and the USA. It is really exciting to see a lens being printed right there in front of you without need of the usual inventory of semi finished lenses and grinders and polishers.



The Luxexcel VisionPlatform™ consists of industrial grade 3D printers, lens-design software and workflow integration tools which enable customers to manufacture 3D printed ophthalmic quality lenses which meet industry standards including all ANSI, ISO & FDA requirements.  

This solution brings the eyewear market an amazing capability: 3D printed lenses. In the past 12 months, Luxexcel focused on the industrialization of the VisionPlatform™ in collaboration with key manufacturers in the ophthalmic field.

3D printed lens timelapse Luxexcel_Medium


Learn more about 3D printed prescription lenses in our F.A.Q.
F.A.Q - 3D printed lenses

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