Luxexcel to speak at 16th Annual International Wohlers Conference

Posted by Luxexcel on Aug 9, 2014 11:58:00 AM
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Euromold Frankfurt 2014

 EuroMold is the leading world fair for mold-makers, 3D Printing, tooling, design and application development. Along the process chain “From Design to Prototyping to Series Production” EuroMold presents products, services, and the latest technologies

. It also offers an in-depth view of future trends and developments. The EuroMold process chain enables networks, cooperation and business and concerns a unique fair concept that closes the gap between the industrial designer, product developer, producer, supplier, and end-user.

The EuroMold presents methods for a quicker, more economical and more efficient development and production of new products – important facts within the demands of the 21st Century Economy.


At Thursday November 27. from 09:30 – 17:00 one of the most interesting 3D printing Conferences will take place. This premium event is organized by Terry Wohlers of Wohlers Associates, Inc. and DEMAT GmbH at Hall 11 of Messegelände Frankfurt/Main, Germany. The title of the Event is: “The Truth Behind the Additive Manufacturing Supply Chain”


For quite some current additive manufacturing (AM) technologies the supply chain is not as evolved as it may seem. It is underdeveloped, and in some cases, almost non-existent. This immaturity could present major challenges for companies hoping to adopt AM for series production. The demand for quality materials, machines, and certified suppliers could exceed the supply. Another serious consideration is post-processing, such as the removal of support material and heat treatment, which is time-consuming, labour-intensive and costly. Some also question whether the necessary design tools and designers are available to drive the use of AM for production applications. Without fresh thinking, better software tools, and the use of automation to reduce the labour, companies may find it difficult to justify the use AM. As organizations dig deeper into all that it takes to produce quality parts by AM, they will find that the technology is merely one step in a sequence that can include nearly every process under the sun.


Here Luxexcel and their revolutionary Printoptical Technology will put be on stage. CEO and President Richard van de Vrie will speak about their novel 3D printing process for functional optics showing how they overcame the before described difficulties and explaining that Luxexcel’s additive process is invented to 3Dprint smooth components. Special designed extremely precise digital printer platforms jet individual droplets of UV-curable materials via a unique fluent-dynamics-management approach of jetting, flowing and merging droplets before curing. This allows Luxexcel to print optical components directly from a CAD file without post-processing. The fast and scalable process enables optics designers to walk a perfect route from fast prototyping, easy iterating to manufacturing the exact required volumes in days! Interesting for various industries as new optical products and functions will arrive on stage and optics can be tailored to every application, project or even single product. To fully understand why the Digitization of Optics Manufacturing has started! Please watch: “A day out of the life of John, the Optical Engineer

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