Eyeglasses of the future, visit us at Vision Expo East

Posted by Luxexcel on Mar 10, 2017 2:31:27 PM
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Eyeglasses of the future

Wouldn’t it be great if some of the technology you find in your phone would show up in your eyeglasses?

Luxexcel initially focusses on providing ophthalmic labs with 3D printing technology for specialty lenses. In future, ophthalmic labs will be able to make better eyeglasses with this technology: exciting new opportunities, like the integration of elements in the lens, will become available.

Examples of future applications:

  • Electrically switching sunglasses
  • Embedded polarization filters
  • Integration of sensors like UV sensors, eye tracking solutions or displays
  • Remote controls through eye movement
  • Printing cosmetic elements on the lens to the whims of your customer

Below a sneak peek on several of the unique showcases which can be found at our booth LP4146


Specialty lenses for unique applications

Many people today wear their VR goggles over their glasses, which is uncomfortable and limits the field of view.

Why not offer them prescription inserts?

3D printing of lenses will give you more design freedom to develop unique ophthalmic solutions.

Enhance your lens design

3D printing allows you to be creative and print  unique cosmetic features on ophthalmic lenses. For example on children lenses you can print a favorite band or sportsman. You can even let your customer bring their own design!

Lens enhancements.jpg

luxexcel-Integrated electronics.png

Integrated electronics

Our 3D printing allows to integrate layers, foils or electronics in the lens. This will add function to the ophthalmic lenses and gives amazing capabilities for product development.

Luxexcel will provide, starting this year, lens 3D print solutions to ophthalmic labs. The lenses are compatible with all necessary industry standards.

At Vision Expo East booth LP4146 we will show both what is possible today and what will be possible in the future.

 Learn more by reading this post.

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