How quickly can we 3D print a lens?

Posted by Luxexcel on Feb 21, 2019 3:39:01 PM
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Faster than you might expect. 

Myopia lens snippet

The Luxexcel VisionPlatform™ is fundamentally different from traditional ophthalmic lens fabrication methods, which begin with semifinished lens blanks then grind and polish the lens, producing a lot of waste material as a result.

Conventional ophthalmic lens production involves multiple machining steps in which material is subtracted from a lens blank through grinding, polishing, and edging. For years this technology has been used in the ophthalmic industry. The results are good quality lenses but at the expense of high inventory, complex finishing and a significant waste of material. The alternative to this method, additive manufacturing through 3D printing. The Luxexcel technology for 3D printed lenses prints two pairs of lenses in one hour. 

The lenses require no polishing after printing, they can be coated and processed using standard ophthalmic lab procedures. 

F.A.Q - 3D printed lenses

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