How do users design a 3D printed lens?

Posted by Luxexcel on Feb 21, 2019 3:43:33 PM
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Luxexcel VisionMaster enables users to fully customize the lens and even create lenses that do not exist today.

By working with VisionMaster you can experiment on how to further enhance your product portfolio with custom 3D printed lenses. 


visionmaster lenses dont exist -IFB

Luxexcel VisionMaster™ 3D printed lens design
The VisionMaster™ software allows the user to enter the custom parameters of the lens required. A dedicated area in the software allows you to customize the lens and thinker around to create lenses that not even exist today.

After the custom lens design is created, the lens file will be sent to a selected ophthalmic lab which has a 3D print platform installed on site. 

F.A.Q - 3D printed lenses

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