Luxexcel opens Technology Center at OMC in Turnhout

Posted by Luxexcel on Oct 27, 2015 11:18:13 AM
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Luxexcel, the only company in the world that is able to 3D print functional lenses, announced today that it will open a new Technology Center at the Open Manufacturing Campus (OMC) in Turnhout, Belgium.

“We are very pleased to announce that we will open our second Technology Center at OMC where we will develop our new printers and processes in the next years and further expand our market offering and production capacity over time,” said CFO Guido Groet. “We found at OMC the right environment for the fast upscaling of our activities in a campus setting that focusses on Open Innovation in Engineering and Manufacturing.” For this new technology center Luxexcel will be growing its team in areas like inkjet technology, material science and optical engineering.

“Luxexcel’s goal is to disrupt the 3000 year old analogue optics market with our digital manufacturing and processing technology,” said Founder Richard van de Vrie. “The technologies we will be developing in this new location will be key in achieving this goal”.

Based on the investment of the Participatie Maatschappij Vlaanderen (PMV) in a recent Series B round, Luxexcel will be able to accelerate the growth of its 3D printing technology and service offering and to extensively grow and develop additional printing capabilities. Roald Borré, PMV’s co-Head of Venture Capital, stated: “We’re excited to have the opportunity to invest in Luxexcel and to have them expand our strong Flemish 3D printing ecosystem with their unique Printoptical Technology.”

On the Open Manufacturing Campus, Philips has been active during the last 60 years (and still is with about 1000 employees) in ramping up the manufacturing of high value lighting products to mass production levels using on site process and production equipment design capabilities. Marc Corthout, Director OMC, said: “We are delighted to welcome Luxexcel at our premises as one of the most innovative SMEs in the wider region and will offer them the flexible infrastructure, test equipment, and production upscaling know how to have them grow their unique capabilities and production volume here on site at the fastest possible pace. Our team is looking forward to help Luxexcel with all the available photonics and process expertise to accelerate the digitization of optics manufacturing”. OMC opened its renovated production halls earlier this year and wants to become the most productive square kilometer in the wider region in high tech and life sciences. By now 8 companies have joined OMC to realize this ambition and many more to come. Over time this will enable to gradually reshore production activities back to Western Europe.

About Luxexcel

Luxexcel offers a 3D printing service for optical products that demand the highest standard in transparency and smoothness. The company is the only company in the world able to Additive Manufacture lenses, directly out of the printer, without visible layering and post-processing. Luxexcel has identified and is effectively eliminating the massive inefficiencies that are present in the lens manufacturing and development processes. Momentarily Luxexcel’s scalable technology has a main focus on optical components for architectural lighting, automotive, aerospace, photonics and medical industries but with the fast increasing printing capabilities, many more markets and products will become able to benefit from Luxexcel’s Printoptical Technology. (

About PMV

PMV NV is a Flemish investment company. It finances promising entrepreneurs from the very start through the growth to the internationalization of their business, and also invests in large infrastructure projects. It focuses on the sustainable economic development of Flanders, with demonstrable added value for both economy and society. (

About OMC

The Open Manufacturing Campus is a non-profit, triple helix organization that was founded 3 years ago and develops an open innovation campus and community focussing on engineering and manufacturing companies that want to grow in a fast and controlled way within a scalable infrastructure, using the available production ramp-up knowledge and expertise of a highly-skilled workforce. This is further supported by on site test equipment (from drop tests to 3D CT scanners) and a mechanization department that is specialized in designing highly-reliable production processes and converting them into affordable and scalable equipment. OMC’s ambition is to become the most productive square km in high-tech and life sciences. (

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