Luxexcel Vision Expo East 2019

Posted by Luxexcel on Mar 25, 2019 4:36:14 PM
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It was great to meet you at Vision Expo East 2019. During the event, attendees got the opportunity to try out 3D printed lenses. The 2019 edition of Vision Expo East was a highlight for Luxexcel. 3 years ago we introduced the technology for 3D printed lenses, 2 years ago we announced our partnership with IFB Solutions and this year’s edition of Vision Expo we are excited to be able to show we have reached the milestone of the commercial phase, shipping lenses daily to patients at IFB, the certification from Colts lab… and the 5000 lenses printed by Luxexcel printers worldwide.

Luxexcel Vision Expo East 2019

Some highlights Vision Expo East 2019

3D printed lenses: commercial phase
The Luxexcel 3D printing technology has advanced from the pilot phase to printing commercial lenses. In the past 12 months, 5000 lenses have been printed on several VisionPlatforms in the USA and Europe. This enables us to bring the technology to a level where commercial lenses are shipped to customers every day.

IFB Solutions, our partner lab 3D prints lenses everyday. The Luxexcel VisionPlatform prints lenses at IFB's facility and the lenses are shipped to their customers on a daily basis. 

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Try out 3D printed lenses
Vision Expo attendees got the opportunity to try out 3D printed lenses.

Luxexcel Try 3D printed lenses VEE2019






One year of partnership
Together with our partner IFB we hosted a birthday party to provide local schoolchildren in the Winston-Salem community with a free pair of eyeglasses. The eyeglasses featured lenses made with the Luxexcel 3D printer. For several of the children, this is their first pair of glasses which will help them in the classroom.


3D printed lenses luxexcel ifb


3D printing of lenses: eco-friendly solution
In the traditional way of lens manufacturing, there is a lot of material which is cut away. This results in waste which can’t be re-used. With 3D printing, you build a lens and start with a bottle of ink, instead of grinding away material. This significantly reduces the material waste of your lens. 

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Additional certifications of compliance 3D printed lenses
Colts Laboratories conducted several tests on 3D printed lenses. Several tests were conducted ISO, ANSI and Dropball and Luxexcel 3D printed lenses are compliant. The full report can be reviewed on our website.

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