Luxexcel webinar series 3D printed lenses to create the eyewear of the future

Posted by Luxexcel on Jan 20, 2020 2:33:31 PM
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Right now, 60% of the population needs prescription lenses. Is your smart device addressing this need? Combine your smart device with 3D print technology to disrupt the smart eyewear market. 3D printing has enabled game-changing new products, forever changing products and manufacturing.

Luxexcel is the only company with the technology to 3D print lenses and our customers are shipping prescription lenses today.

Learn all about 3D printed prescription lenses to create the smart eyewear of the future in the webinar recording.

Luxexcel Webinar 1 3D printed lenses for eyewear of the future - June 26,2019 (1)

The Luxexcel webinar serie recordings are available on this page

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