Worlds first fully 3D printed glasses by Luxexcel

Posted by Luxexcel on Jun 20, 2013 11:37:00 AM
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Luxexcel created the world's first 3D printed glasses

Making history with printed glasses for the King of The Netherlands.

GOES, THE NETHERLANDS – The Dutch Royal Highnesses King Willem Alexander and Queen Maxima will be able to get a “New Vision” on their Country with Luxexcel’s 3D printed glasses (both frame and for the first time, 3D printed lenses). Luxexcel's activities focus on printing prototypes and manufacturing badges of LED optics for the lighting industry, but their technology has also been able to produce the very first pair of functional glasses. Luxexcel offer their services as the worlds first 3D printing service for optics and other smooth, transparant products.

Printing smooth functional optics

For the special event when the new Dutch monarchs had their first intro tour throughout The Netherlands, Luxexcel wanted to show them their new 3D printing method called Printoptical© Technology, able to print smooth functional lenses and frame in just one print job! To prove that innovation still very much takes place in their country and that The Netherlands can still lead the way in technological developments

The photo below shows the first proof of concept of a fully 3D printed pair of functional reading glasses.


3D printed glasses

Click here to learn more about the latest status of our technology.


3D printed glasses and lenses

The Dutch press picked up Luxexcel's world-intro of functional 3D printed glasses showing how digital industrial manufacturing can change the way plastic optics are being made. Please find below the Dutch TV news broadcasts on Luxexcel:

TROS "EenVandaag":


After showing the glasses to the Monarchs, Luxexcel will send these glasses to Brussels where this historical printed product will be showcased representing printed optics as disruptive innovation in the showroom of the EU Digital Industrial Manufacturing platform Diginova, ( the EU Group explaining how the Digitization will revolutionize the way we make almost everything!

LED lighting optics

Luxexcel is aiming for the LED lighting industry with their revolutionairy technology. The reason is that the lighting design and development cycle of new LED optics for new fixtures is slowed down by the traditional manufacturing ways for optical components. Usually injection molding is used as a way to create the optical component. But before a series of optics can be manufactured, a prototype is needed to validate the optics design.

This is where traditional methodes come short. To create a mold for just a few prototypes takes long and costs a lot. Very often post processing is needed and if the design needs tweaking, these costs all have to be made again to see if the result is better.
Rapid prototyping optics never really existed untill now.

Rapid prototyping optics with this 3D printing service

Luxexcel offers this unique rapid prototyping service for optics for the very first time, applying their technology for 3D printed optics, to allow optics designers to functionally test their optics in days in stead of weeks or even months and shorten the time it takes for a lighting design to be completed and realized.
Economically this technology can change everything. This was already aknowledged by both Frost & Sullivan as well as the Wohlers report.

For now the printing of functional glasses was a way of showcasing the quality of this "clear 3D printing technology". His Royal Highness has clearly seen the benefits of this 3D printing technology for optics, and very soon the rest of the world will too!

Read more about our current 3D printing capabilities for glasses here.

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