Luxexcel named ‘top 20 growth companies’ by 2014 Cleantech Summit

Posted by Luxexcel on Nov 26, 2014 10:36:00 AM
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The 2014 Cleantech Summit Rotterdam announced that Luxexcel is one of the 20 most promising Cleantech companies in Europe. An Independent Selection Committee of leading investors in Europe, selected Luxexcel as a top 20 growth company. The Summit received a lot of applications throughout 4 different sectors like Delta & Water and Environmental, Bio-Economy and materials, Energy Efficiency and Smart Mobility & Logistics. This list represents the most innovative and promising ideas in cleantech of 2014.


IVC Cleantech Summit Rotterdam

Luxexcel presented their innovative process at the IVC Cleantech Summit Rotterdam on November 20th and 21th. This collaborative platform of leading venture investors promote successful international investments. At the summit, industry experts and advisors came together to network, collaborate and innovate in Europe.

Luxexcel and Cleantech

Cleantech stands for innovations in technology that will reduce the impact on the environment over time. Around the globe a sustainable business approach becomes more important. The reduction of non- renewable resources and the prevention of waste are important themes for companies. With digital innovations and the implementation of new technologies companies strive to prevent the waste of energy and materials.

In the case of Luxexcel this is done through custom 3D printing. Luxexcel developed a platform that allows custom 3D printing for optical components. At this moment the techology is mainly applied for the creation of LED optics, but it has already proven usefull for the functional testing and production of a wide range of products.

The manufacturing of custom LED optics, has already been comercially launched by Luxexcel over the last couple of years and is proving a big succes. Waste reduction and environmentally friendly manufacturing are becomming a reality with this new and innovative technology. At this moment the company investigated other applications for 3D printed optics so that this advantage can be brought to many other industries.

About Luxexcel Group BV

Luxexcel Group BV is the exclusive provider of rapid prototyping and manufacturing services for optical components using their patented additive manufacturing technology “Printoptical Technology”. Luxexcel is headquartered in Goes, The Netherlands.

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