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Posted by Luxexcel on Mar 7, 2019 11:40:06 AM
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3D printing has changed many industries. Typically, the impact is biggest where the product touches people because that requires customization which is exactly what ophthalmics is all about.


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Our technology works by building lenses from tiny droplets of ink. The benefit of the technology and 3D print technology in general, is to be able to create unique designs, when needed, with little waste. There are obvious operational advantages but even more exciting are the new products that become possible.

Benefits of 3D printed lenses

1. Simplicity: by simply printing the lens a long supply chain is reduced to one printer, no inventories, no polishing and grinding, no sourcing semi-finished lenses from all over the world.
2. Design freedom: new lens designs by removing limits in the traditional technology, but also integrating smart technology into prescription lenses
3. Eco friendly: 3D printing removes the significant waste which is usually associated with lens manufacturing. Reduced carbon footprint, energy, waste water, plastic waste, transport and toxic materials.
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Learn more about 3D printed prescription lenses in our F.A.Q.

F.A.Q - 3D printed lenses


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