Why 3D print a lens?

Posted by Luxexcel on Feb 6, 2019 10:42:46 AM
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3D printed lenses bring the eyewear market an amazing capability: unique products and lens customization.

But why do 3D printed lenses make sense?
In a nutshell: 3D printing allows for unique customized lens designs which is what prescription eyewear is all about. In addition with 3D printing you will be able to finally add "smart" to prescription lenses or add prescription to all these AR and VR goggles that are coming out.

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3D printed lenses a revolution? 
Innovation is the heartbeat of our society. Big ideas for existing problems combined with the right technology result in innovative products with the power to revolutionize industries.

The first industrial revolution resulted in tools, the second industrial revolution resulted in serial production and the third industrial revolution, 3D printing, will result in mass customization.

With 3D printed lenses by Luxexcel, 3D printing has arrived to the eyewear industry, where customization is a cornerstone of the industry. What many experts considered impossible just a few years ago has now become possible; 3D printed ophthalmic lenses.

By working together with our customers, the VisionPlatform™ has developed into a stable and reliable industrial solution

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